Ann Rutledge: You know how many deaths God's directly responsible for in The Bible? The plagues, the flood, Sodom and Gomorrah. Millions. Do you know how many my Power is responsible for? Ten, and most of those ordered by your God. You serve a cruel lord who seeks only ignorance and His own glory.

Sister Greta: Satan is the one who brings death and ignorance and darkness. He... he turns away from the light! the love! Repent. God's Son redeems us.
Ann Rutledge: And mine will bring about a new way and destroy the old.
Sister Greta: No, you can stop it, save the world. Untold grief, millions of lives. You can save yourself...The Darkness will always give way to the light.
Ann Rutledge: Lucifer is the bringer of Light. Satan is God! Long may he reign.

— conversation in Ave Satani


Damien is believed to be Satan' son

Satan, also referred to as Devil or Lucifer, is the diabolical supernatural force worshipped by Armitage corporation and other millions of people around the world. Satan is also believed to be Damien Thorn true father and the Ultimate Destroyer of humanity by the Vatican, which for centuries fought Satanists who seek to carry out the Apocalypse.

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